In Office Procedures

    We are proud to offer a vast array of all urologic procedures in the convenience of our offices.  These procedures include:
  • Cystoscopy. A diagnostic procedure that uses a telescope to inspect the inner lining of the bladder
  • Cystoscopy with bladder biopsy or fulguration. A diagnostic or therapeutic procedure during which a small bladder tumor can be biopsied and destroyed.
  • Prostate Biopsy . A diagnostic procedure used to evaluate abnormal PSA levels or abnormal rectal exams
  • Urodynamics .  A diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the activity in the lower urinary tract (bladder and urethra) with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. It involves a series of tests that measure the pressure in the bladder and the flow of urine in the urethra. The purpose of an urodynamic evaluation is to reproduce the patient’s symptoms or usual voiding pattern.  By making the appropriate computer assisted measurements and observations via catheters, the underlying physiology becomes apparent.
  • Ultrasounds .  We perform comprehensive ultrasounds of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, scrotum and penis in the convenience and comfort of our office
  • Pessary Insertion .  A small plastic ring is inserted into the vagina to reduce a bladder or rectum drop.  This is useful in patients who can not tolerate or do not wish to proceed with surgical treatment.
  • Bladder instillations (BCG and DMSO) .  We offer a multitude of bladder instillations in our office including those used in the management of bladder cancer and interstitial cystitis.
  • Prostate cancer injections .  Hormone therapy is commonly used in the treatment of prostate cancer.  We conveniently offer one, three, four or six month injections.  We also perform Zometa injections in our office, a medication that reduces the chance of bone loss for prostate cancer patients.
  • Laser fulguration of groin lesions .  A therapeutic procedure that treats condylomas on the penis, scrotum or groin areas
  • Biofeedback and Electrical Stimulation .  This is an office based therapy designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in those patients with incontinence, urinary urgency, urinary frequency and pelvic pains.
  • Microwave Prostate Therapy (TUMT) .  A therapeutic procedure for men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate.   This procedure is performed with mild sedation and a small catheter inserted into the bladder.  Microwave energy travels through the catether to the prostatic tissue.  This energy destroys prostate glandular cells reducing the size of the prostate, thereby reducing the blockage of urine flow.
  • Injection for Peyronie’s Disease .  Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes scar tissue formation and curvature of the penile tissue.  Evidence has shown that injection of certain agents can reduce the scar tissue lessening the curvature.
  • Testopel® .Testopel® is the only FDA approved testosterone pellet to be used for the treatment of low testosterone.  The procedure is minimally invasive and takes about 15 minutes in the office.  Testopel pellets are inserted under the skin in the upper buttock area.  The number of pellets depends on your starting level of testosterone and body size.  The pellets provide continuous release of testosterone to your body for 3-5 months and dissolve completely over time.
  • Rigiscan . This a diagnostic procedure that helps evaluate the etiology of erectile dysfunction
  • Interstim® Stage 1 The initial testing is performed in the office and during this first stage, or trial stage, the electrical lead is inserted in the proper position and connected to an external battery.  Over the next week the patient keeps a bladder diary to determine the effectiveness of the device.